Stage 8 – Guess Who’s Back?

We are back!

In this episode we talk about all kinds of things as we haven’t really spoken in ages. Robbie’s been tied up with girls and dogs, Niel’s been racing in Portugal. Robbie got dirty in Germany and we talk about our plans for next year.

Fairlight Secan

Turn Cycling You Tube Channel

Zipp Handlebars Review

The Brickyard Camp Site, Norfolk


Bikingman Portugal

Race Around Rwanda

2 Replies to “Stage 8 – Guess Who’s Back?”

  1. Mike Jacklin

    Awesome to have you guys back! I’m in Transatlanticway next year and listening has given me some excellent insight into ultra’s and some tips i never would have thought of. Robbie, get yourself entered! Whats not to love about rain and headwinds? Keep up the good work!!

    • Niel

      Hey Mike, it is great to be back! I’m pretty sure Robbie will end up on the start line next year 🙂 Whats been the best tip yet?



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