Stage 2 – Gears and Tyres

In this episode we talk about a few recent races and a possible event for us to race together. Then listeners questions take far longer than we should and we never get to talking about our bikes. That’s unusual for a couple of cyclists.


Taiwan KOM Challenge


BikingMan Laos
Highland Trail 550
All Points North

Question and Answer:

Zendure X6 Powerbank
Anker PowerCore 10000 PD
Mu International Travel Charger PD

Thank you to everyone who’s been listening to the show. It’s awesome to get your feedback and keep the questions coming.

2 Replies to “Stage 2 – Gears and Tyres”

  1. Kevin Francis

    Absolutely loving the podcast guys – really helpful and learning lots so THANK YOU!! In episode 2 you mentioned Caffeine Chewing Gum – I’ve found various options on line but with a mixed bag of feedback and price range etc – what are you using? Thanks again, Kevin

    • Niel

      Hi Kevin, Niel here. So I started off using some gum called Bolt, but I’ve only seen it for sale here in the UAE. I’ve now switched to a brand that I get from Amazon in the UK that Jasmijn Muller recommended to me. It’s pretty good, by that I mean it’s really effective and doesn’t taste too terrible 😂😂😂

      I’ll try and dig out a link to it on Amazon for you.


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