Stage 1 – The Netherlands and Corsica

In this episode Niel and Robbie start to put some structure in their ramblings:
– Intro (Robbie’s got a crocked knee and Niel is back in the desert)
– News (Italy Divide, new groupsets and BikingMan Laos)
– Race Around The Netherlands (a strong field, the difference between The Netherlands and Holland, Robbies ladies gloves)
– BikingMan Corsica (another strong field, hosing off concrete, the cold takes it’s toll)

Show Notes:

Italy Divide
Few websites to go and look at if you were interested in the Race
Italy Divide
James Hayden
Sofiane Sehili

Groupset talks
Shimano GRX The Officail Website and a review

SRAM AXR Offical Website and a review

Bikingman Laos

Race Around the Netherlands

Bikingman Corsica 2019 and the official film

Big Agnes Thorp Pullover

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Shimano Pro Handlebar bag

2 Replies to “Stage 1 – The Netherlands and Corsica”

  1. Matteo

    Another interesting episode, well done guys.
    I have a few questions,
    As Niel said when doing such a long distance every day you want to make sure you are well positioned on the bike, but is there any particular place that you could recommend for Bike-fitting?
    Also another question is:
    What about Aero bars, you ask the bike fitter to fit those on as well or you do it by your self?
    Thanks guys,
    Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Niel

      Hi Matteo, I would look at bike fitters in your country and location. Follow them on instagram/social media and you will get a good idea of what they are like. Look for how they work with you as an individual rather than just measuring with lasers and applying a formula.

      For aerobars I got my bikefitter to fit them, took him 5 minutes to get them in the right position, would have taken me a couple of hours and still wouldn’t have got it right 🙂 It’s all about comfort.


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